How to Ensure Proper and Smooth Healing of your Piercing

A lot of people love industrial piercing. While this form of piercing is great, it requires a little extra causation during the healing process. This is because when two piercings are connected by a piece of jewelry, the cartilage piercing is more likely to get irritated.  To ensure proper and smooth healing, consider the tips below:

Choose the Right Piece of Jewelry

Your chosen jewelry for this piercing plays an important role in the healing process. Naturally, it is ideal to use hypoallergenic materials for piercing jewelry. Choose implant grade titanium or gold (14k to 18k) to avoid irritations.

Also, picking the right gauge size is paramount. But, make sure you consult with your piercer before you make this choice. Usually, 14 is the grade for an industrial piercing.

Expect Inconsistency in Healing

It is normal to experience fluctuating healing for industrial piercings. This is because the bar that affects both holes makes the irritation possible. During this healing stage, it is also normal for the piercing to look healthy one week and swell the next. That is why you must stick to your aftercare plan and make use of saltwater soaks to manage outbreaks.

Know How to Sleep Properly with your Piercing

Sleeping with your piercing on the pillow puts pressure on the piercing for a longer amount of time. This can result in irritation, swelling, and pain. When sleeping on your side, think about piercing one ear at a time. Avoid lying on the side you pierce.

Be Careful when Brushing your Hair

In terms of industrial piercings, a lot of people have to deal with the problem of getting the piercing caught while brushing their hair. You will not get used to having the jewelry there right away and a brush can easily catch on it. Consider doing your aftercare routine before your normal hair brushing. This will increase your awareness of your piercing so you use extra caution.

Shower and Wash your Hair

Just because you got industrial piercings done doesn’t mean you have to get stinky. It is perfectly fine to continue to shower and wash your hair as your piercing heals. Think about using a natural shampoo when the pierced area is irritated by chemicals.

With any forms of piercing, it is best to go to a professional piercing studio. Piercing puts your body and health at stake so you want somebody who has the right knowledge and training to do the job for you.

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