Back to School Makeup Finds

I heard people say back to school is one of the most exciting time of the year. I guess they’re right. I am off to school in a few weeks and I want to be as prepared as possible when it comes to gathering the things I need for the upcoming school year. I am in my junior year in high school and I feel like I have a lot going on. I am excited as much as everyone and I am looking forward to making the gymnastics varsity team this coming season. I have been training during the summer so I am quite confident that I will be able to make it to the team this year. Of course, in order for me to be fully prepared for that is to come up with the best back to school makeup finds! After a few hours on the internet, I was finally able to get what I really need. It has been really hard to find the best age-appropriate makeup that is actually phthalate-free. With Petite n’ Pretty, all my worries were all down the drain. They dedicate their passion into creating something amazing and definitely safe for kids and teens. All products are proven safe. It is amazing how they manage to successfully create phthalate-free makeup that is totally safe for the general public. Even toddlers are welcome and encouraged to use this product because of trifecta approval.

I feel like hitting the jackpot when I learned that Petite n’ Pretty actually makes hypoallergenic makeup. I have skin asthma so I need to be vigilant when it comes to my skin care routine. My mom never allows me to wear anything that is not safe for my teen skin. The products got the trifecta approval from pediatricians. dermatologists, and ophthalmologists. They certainly have the best teen makeup in the market. I am currently obsessed with their Sparkle Squad Forever Gift Set. It is actually limited edition Pink Pact Gloss Set to share with my best friend. It is really special if you have something in common but even more special if you have something similar that you both love such as this awesome makeup find! It is deluxe-sized and smells so wonderful.

I just think it is best to be prepared so I got all the product that caught my eye – which is literally all their makeup products! The 9021-SNOW! Eye and Cheek Palette is something you would imagine coming from a Winter La La Land that has all the different shades and pigments of blushes and highlighter. A limited-edition makeup gift palette of 10 eyeshadows in a range of mattes, satins, shimmers and duochrome sparkles, plus a nude pink blush and holographic highlighter. The 9021-GLOW! Cheek and Highlighter Duo is the perfect one that promises to help you glow into the school year! It is age-appropriate, velvety shades of shimmering highlighter and sun-kissed bronzer pair up in a compact duo for light-catching looks all year long. I can’t wait to finally share everything with my friends and would be friends when we finally get back to school!

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